Diets Dont Work

So why don’t all the diets work? Well half of them are totally illogical and come from a situation which once benefited a special person and maybe was even successful with a handful of other people. Everyone is different but people often fit into groups along certain lines. For example the blood type. There is actually a blood type group with very advanced research and the following are dedicated and productive. There are however more ranges of differences which need to be taken into account.

The next reason and indeed the main reason why diets rarely work is holistic. The body is a complete functioning unit where everything depends on everything else. Not like a car where you fix a bald tyre by buying a new one. If the car was human you should service or repair everything from the motor to the wheel to recreate a healthy motor car. That is what happens with humans and of course the procedure is not that hard. In a human generally what is good for one part of the body is generally part of what is good for the other parts. This is why humans lived for so many years with no doctors. Just food and beneficial substances and lots of very comprehensive exercise which was part of living and staying alive.

Many diets are downright dangerous, causing concentration of toxins in the major organs. But again each one is different and affects people in different ways. The Solutions page will tell you how everyone should follow a path to general health and eliminate obesity, arthritis, diabetes and predisposition to heart disease and cancer along the way.

There is a final reason and that obviously is lack of determination. There are hundreds of thousands of people on diets at any one time but at the end of each day the population percentage which is obese grows a little bit bigger. This terrifying fact is indicative of diets which do not work and dieters who do not have the determination. I at least surmise that if all the determined ones were on a diet which worked then the rate of percentage rise would be reeled back in. Once again go to Solutions page to get answers to the determination debacle. It is possible for you to be sufficiently determined and in fact enjoy the process if you understand how.

So at this point we will go into the various types of diet and see where they are letting us down.