Obesity is horrible for many reasons.

1 We did not select it ourselves. Some of us grew up in an environment which was conducive to the condition. The doctors call it genetic but obviously is not because many have tackled and beaten it. The similarity component from one generation to another comes from the similarity or for that matter identical lifestyle.  The balance of us have seemingly acquired obesity through doing all the right things. We ate “light” and “fat free” and “low cholesterol” and every minute believing what we were doing was definitely the right thing and of course we ended up obese. So who do you trust. The feeling here is nobody.

2 We feel hopeless. We are not hopeless but the sad fact is that we have to be very lucky to strike the right method to eliminating obesity. Most of us have tried many methods which produced no results at all or helped us lose a little weight then quickly added it all back and sometimes with interest.

3 We have to worry all the time about all the other things which will happen to us. This is very uncomfortable when ever we feel a twinge or visit the doctor and he says “you will have to lose weight otherwise you could”. It is worrying as we are ordinary human beings with often sensitive feelings. We know that there are already some parts of our body which are underperforming. We have noticed slight arthritic tendencies and poor circulation. We know the risks are higher for us than all the skinny people.

4 We understand ourselves as being seen to be diseased. Well a significant percentage of the judgmental see it that way and often we do ourselves. We blame the Thyroid as if it had a germ or a bug which had caused it to become diseased. The balance of the judgmental people see us as lazy and slack. So often we do not exercise as much as we know we should but then there are many skinny people who do not exercise either. Why us?

5 There are now so many things we cannot do. An active life becomes so strenuous and uncomfortable. We just do not have the energy. We would love to go skiing, surfing and trekking amongst hundreds of active pursuits. We do what we can but never seem to achieve weight loss as a result of using energy. Maybe we should try harder.  What do you think? Do you have an answer?


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