We are a adopting a fairly standard format for membership for the next year throughout our many health related sites. This makes it easier to load the sites with text and after all the memberships are just starting to happen. There will be 200 websites running by June 2015 covering almost all of the significant ailments and groups of ailments. Programs are beginning to lift the SEO standing as well as building websites constantly. Most sites should be relatively easy to locate by that time.

A free social membership will exist on every site. This membership is designed for people who have an interest in the subject. Maybe wishing to follow progress of treatment programs or to communicate with other members. You can insatll a profile which will be visible to all members. You can make comments as well.

The participant membership is for those who wish to derive some help from the site as part of a reversal program. In all cases the body heals itself. The purpose of our program is to provide the information which is always free. The participant receives mentoring. Mentoring just gives guidance on what information to use at particular stages during the the reversal. The word reversal is used as the word cure implies a total healing which typically is the benefit of achieving perfect health. Perfect health is seen as a goal in all cases but the dedication required is vast, respected and understood so we do not expect multitudes of people with perfect health just yet. Reversal of disease is another matter requiring some dedication and application but certainly within the capability of every human being. So this membership provides access to trained professionals in natural healing for discussing progress and suitable paths to study and follow.

The contributor can be an advertiser with product beneficial to the people interested in the particular health topic. It is a starters package for up to three products. Other packages will be set up when we have time to add P/P/C functions to the sites. All product must be scrutinised by the management and seen as specifically beneficial to most cases. Contributors may also be persons who will contribute paid articles to the site, which will contain effective and proven information of benefit.

This membership applies just to people who wish to see our work continue. There has already been a massive cost and it will continue and escalate in the future as sickness continues to proliferate at the rate it is currently. We thank any supporters in advance. Full membership facilities are applicable.

All memberships can be connected by going to the register button and then selecting the type of membership required. All Payments are through Paypal, which is recognised world wide as the most secure and safe payment method. It can be used by anybody.