Real Solution

LATEST NEWS Well we have known for some time but now it is becoming more accepted that the overweight problem as experienced by millions of people world wide is thyroid connected! Now it does not change everything but it does change a lot so our team at have the first book ready for publication and will launch Tuesday 14th of March as the first edition!
The subtitle is “Every woman’s solution to every health and beauty problem” and the fact is that on the day of its publication as an Ebook it will be the most accurate and functional book for women anywhere. It gives the background and all the logic trail to understanding the role of the thyroid, which is connected to every cell in the body, hormones, temperature and pace of metabolism! See the connections lighting up already! Not to mention that it is predicted that 450 million women around the world are suffering. More news and stories coming soon but check it out!

The real solution is flexible but the fundamentals rigid. Everything has been tried and the only clear path to permanent weight loss Is holistic and includes the three components. Nutrition, Exercise and understanding. Variation of the intensity of each component then will set the duration. So why is this plan the only one? Well the technicalities are quite involved but the cycle starts with food. Either too much or the wrong type. This is multiplied somewhat by activity and metabolism levels. The resultant factor is the effect on the thyroid, the circulation, the hormones and the billions of cells that comprise the body. Cells that can function and have a memory. A memory which can be there at birth from the imposed conditions during gestation or built up through years of surplus calories. You watch it happening. You know it is happening and you put off the tackling of the problem. So now the problem is there and the organs start to suffer. Sickness is next.

The first part of the solution is nutrition. Fact is very little of the so called food that is sold today has any real nutrition. It is good enough to keep you alive. The secret though is micronutrients and enzymes. Both are destroyed in the cooking process. So even home cooked food is deficient. Imagine how processed food is depleted. In an attempt to maintain our lifestyle we take the supplement trail. Research for years has shown synthetic vitamins. processed oils and indigestible mineral tablets to be almost useless in the fight against sickness and obesity. real nutrition is in the foods when they are harvested. Fruits and vegetables both lose a little each day until they wilt and die. So the secret is to get produce as fresh as possible and to eat it without heating. Certainly as big a percentage as possible. Calcium is a typical example of nutrition lost. In milks and greens it is abundant. Then we heat it . Remember in school the effect of the bunsen burner on chemical combinations. Most chemicals changed from one combination to another. Same thing happens with food and that desperately needed calcium becomes indigestible in combination. This is why the highest dairy consuming countries have become the highest in osteoporosis cases. Think about it! do some research on the internet and you will find that most of the hard and fast beliefs attached to our current lifestyle are erroneous to say the least and downright misleading.

Now the thought of a raw diet is rather scary so lets ease into it softly. we all like a smoothie so lets ease into it softly by making that smoothie healthier without changing that taste very much. same goes for juice and salad. Raw muesli for breakfast is not hard. Soak it overnight, change the sweetener and add almond milk instead of dairy. More on nutrition later and in the member pages.

Exercise is next and of course in the old days before television, obesity was almost unheard of. If you were at school sixty years ago obesity was a freak occurrence. But even then the distinct connection with overeating was evident. And even more clear in those days was the absence of exercise where obesity occurred. Now of course it is almost the norm with 60% achieving the red line in the statistics books.

Exercise burns calories efficiently and in a busy life one never puts on weight to even notice the condition. Most of our lives have become much more sedentary. Slow and boring. Go to the football match. The players are always trim and the audience comparatively fat.

Finally understanding: so whats that all about? Well as we said earlier on the weight gain factor is a little complicated so we will provide as much information as possible. The information we provide comes from maximum research and often experience. It is presented as study material as we expect you will wish to confirm the information and extend that information with more detailed study.

Fact is the whole thing starts with food and as we suggested it is too much or the wrong foods for your body. Now you must remember that the brain needs feeding. In fact it is the precision operating part of the body. Feed it on beans and see what you get. Then think about how hard it is to wash the dishes and all the greasy residue in the water. That is what you are putting inside your body. Yuk! Many will say that health is mind over matter but how can we expect the results from the foods we put into it today. So the brain and the Master glands that keep it company such as the pituitary, pineal and hypothalamus are where some of the problems start and the thyroid in connection runs at below par. It of course is largely responsible for weight gain and of course this throws the hormones into disarray then the moods follow which encourages over eating. Its a little like a snowball rolling down the hill. Its made up of lots of little bits and gets bigger as it goes. So it is a great idea to study the detailed articles on the process of weight gain. When you do you will understand how it can take a different path for different people and how it is necessary to repair the glands, organs ,cells and communication channels as part of the weight loss program or it will be short lived.